Kashif Raza

Mr. Kashif Raza is the president of the Team we care. He was born in a small village in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh. Due to less employment in the village, he along with his family had to move to Delhi in 2004.Because of having a big family with no means of livelihood , they faced a lot of problems in Delhi. 12 members of his family had to adjust in a really small space together. When they first moved to Delhi, they had no member of the family who was employed due to which they could not afford food and had to sleep hungry for many days. Both his parents worked on the construction sites to support the family. Seeing the condition of his family, he worked on a tea stall and dedicated many hours of his day to it, but it didn’t help either. Later, he took admission to an MCD School in 3rd standard. When he reached the 8th standard, he developed a huge interest in dancing. His teachers were very supportive of him during this time, but due to the financial constraints , he could not join a dance class. To learn how to dance, he used to stand outside of dance classes, and the rest he used to learn from the TV. In 2015, he started a dance class so that at other kids get to live their dream to dance. With his dance class, he earned both money and respect. Keeping his history in mind, he decided that if any family was under any distress, he would step forward and help them. Due to financial problems, he may not have been able to learn his favorite skill but he would help others to pursue their dreams with his academy for free.