Sonu Jeenwal

Mr. Sonu Jeenwal was born in a small village in Rajasthan on 27th April 1996. At a very young age, he had to leave his village and move to Delhi due to his father’s job. He completed his education in Delhi. Unfortunately, at a very young age, he lost his father and his mother was forced to solely support him and his sisters. She worked as a maid and on construction sites. She made him so capable that now he, along with his team members, has helped over 180 children in distress and because of his team, today they are receiving the education. Problems in his family arose during the marriage of his sister, his mother had to sell her jewelry, the most heartbreaking part in this for him and his family was that he had to sell his father’s last possession, which was his land in the village. It was then when he and his team decided that they would help poor girls get married without any financial pressure on their family, and would also criticize the dowry system. With this initiative, they were able to get 11 girls  married by September 2021. They also decided that instead of helping them with the dowry, they would help them with jewelry and get an F.D. done in their name, which would help them if they ever faced any hardship later in life.