Yashu Aggarwal

Mr. Yashu Aggarwal is the founder of the Team we care. He was born in a small village in Uttar Pradesh, India. He received his primary education in Uttar Pradesh itself. In 2006, due to some family problems he had to move to Delhi. From where he completed the rest of his further education and then pursued M.A. from IGNOU University, Delhi. In his early life, he had to face a lot of challenges. His journey to help people began when one of his close friends got sick and he had to take him to Safdarjung hospital in Delhi. Stepping out of the hospital, he was shocked to see many people sleeping on the road and shivering from the harsh winters of Delhi where people even hesitate to step out of the comfort of their homes. He was saddened when he saw them looking at anyone who had food with needy eyes. When he inquired he learned that the person does not even live in Delhi but was here for treatment and was asked by the doctor to wait for a few days. He was now forced to live on the road without food because he had nowhere to go. Mr. Aggarwal couldn’t stand the thought of them being in this condition, He desperately wanted to help them. Then he, along with his friend, came up with an idea to provide them with some food. When he saw how happy those people were, he got very satisfied and then he made it his life motive to help people in need. Throughout his journey, he met many people of similar beliefs.